Welcome to Four Towns United Methodist Church! Founded in 1866, Four Towns is a quaint church with a rich history. Originally a schoolhouse, the church shared the building with the school district of Waterford and West Bloomfield until around 1930. It was around this time that the building was used solely for a church.
Over time, the church was raised, a basement was dug, and a kitchen and fellowship hall were built. Renovations and refurnishing have also taken place throughout the years.

Next to Four Towns lies a cemetery. In this cemetery, the founders of the schoolhouse and church are buried, and their tombstones still remain.

In 2016, Four Towns celebrated its 150th anniversary. With a warm, welcoming congregation, Four Towns opens its doors to any and all who attend worship. Some of our new additions include a flat screen TV for easy-to-read song lyrics, prayers, and bible verses, and our new pastor, Dale Milford.

Join us for worship and fellowship starting at 10:00am each Sunday!